Our Rates

Activity Amount
Conservation Fee Ksh 200 Adult
Ksh 100 Children
0-5 years no charges
Conservation Fee for Students Ksh 50 per day. Fees apply between 6:00am and 6:00pm
Full Board Rates Ksh 4,500 per person sharing(two people)
Half Board Rates Ksh 3,500 per person sharing(two people)
Bed Only Rates Ksh 2000
Bed and Breakfast Ksh 3,000 per person sharing(two people)
Camping Ksh 800
Events Site Rates Normal Season Ksh 8,000
High Season Ksh 10,000
Conference Hall High Season Ksh 6,000
Low Season Ksh 5,000
Outdoor Hiking Fees Ksh 1,000 (To the nearby waterfalls)
Full Board Rates Include
Camping Includes

All bookings are to be confirmed and paid  a minimum of 7 days prior to arrival at the camp during
Low Season and 14 days prior to arrival during High Season. Rooming lists must be submitted to the camp’s
reservations departments a minimum of 7 days prior to arrival. Bookings done and not paid for will be
released at the discretion of the park, without notice to the agent if payment is not received in 7 days in
advance of the booking during Low Season and 14 Days during High Season.


All bookings requiring cancellation must be advised in writing. Cancellations are only accepted on written advice.
Please find cancellation Terms outlined below:
Low Season
0 – 7 days / NO SHOW 100% cancellation
8 – 14 Days: 50% cancellation
High Season
0 – 7 days / NO SHOW 100% cancellation
8 – 14 Days: 50% cancellation

Payment Policy

By paying 50% deposit 7 days prior to the arrrival at the Camp, both in Normal and High Season, you secure the date reserved. We accept payments through cheques, Bank transfers and Lipa na Mpesa. Payments made by cheque MUST be cleared prior to the arrival of the clients. In case the cheque is dishonoured  and returned as “unpaid” for any reason the agent shall replace the payment by cash and additionally agree to pay the returned cheque fee thereof.

Payment Details

Lipa na Mpesa
Business No : 247247
Account Name : 0766343343
Bank Transfers Accepted. Credit cards as well.


One-month notice will be given. The termination of this agreement does not liberate the Company from any
prior payment commitments to the agreement


The terms and conditions of this agreement will remain confidential to the named parties.

Our Facility is fully compliant with COVID-19 County Health Requirements and is licensed.
Lipa na Mpesa : Business No 247247 Account No : 0766343343
Bank Transfers and Credit Cards Accepted